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How to beat the Monday (or any day) Blues

The blues suck, am I right? A lot of people suffer from the Monday Blues, when the weekend is over, the work week has just begun, and Friday night seems like an eternity away. Sometimes the Monday Blues actually start on Sunday, which can really rob you of the remainder of your weekend. I mean,

How to Find Time For a Meditation Practice

I know how it goes. You welcomed in the new year (or maybe you just decided to create some new habits regardless of the date on the calendar) and you decided you really wanted to start meditating regularly. You had great intentions too! Maybe you downloaded a app or found some meditation videos to follow,

Meditation for menstrual cramps

Sorry gentlemen, while meditation can benefit anyone and everyone, this one is geared towards the ladies! (Although if you’re a man who has a woman in his life who deals with this issue, you might want to pass this post along to help them out!) Once a month, pretty much like clockwork, I find myself

Fast & Easy Meditation for Drama

It never fails right? You’re having a great day and then someone else’s nonsense blows up in your face and leaves you frustrated and annoyed. Why is that? It has nothing to do with you, but you’re the one left with the fallout. How irritating! That’s exactly why you need a simple meditation for drama