Sherry OsborneSherry Osborne is a Canadian writer from Montreal, Quebec living in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She loves to read and write a variety of genres but has a passionate love of the horror  and fantasy genres. She loves them because being scared by something that can’t hurt you (right?) is fun, and fantasy helps her keep believing magic is real and that she will find a secret door one days as long as she never stops looking.

She has written two still-unpublished novels and is in a cycle of revisions, querying, and writing new stories. One day she hopes to publish a long string of novels and will embarrass her children by screaming in public in a bookstore when she sees her own work on the shelves. Sherry lives in a constant state of “what if” and wishes she needed less sleep so she could write more. 

When she’s not writing she can be found desperately trying to get through her always-growing to-read pile of books, binge watching something on Netflix, discussing zombie survival as though it were an actual threat (isn’t it though?), and having dance parties when she should be doing housework. You might also catch her playing The Sims and will definitely find her spending too much time on Twitter when she should be writing. Do tweets count towards a word count? Asking for a friend.

Sherry would describe her writing process as “let me vomit all these words onto the page” and her editing process as “why did I want to be a writer again?”

She has a day job that keeps her busy and happy, but it’s not unusual to see her suddenly freeze and then frantically scribble something down as random story ideas suddenly take hold, often at the most inopportune time (her favorite thing to say to her Google Home Mini is, “hey Google, take a note! The main character walks into the house and…”).

Sherry was born in Toronto, grew up in Montreal, and moved to Halifax in 2011 with her husband and two children. She loves where she lives but spends an incredible amount of time complaining about being cold and waiting for the brief season known as summer.

She feels like an incredible dork when writing in the third person but tries hard to make her way through it anyway.

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