All About It All

Hello there! My name’s Sherry – you probably guessed that already though.

Sherry Osborne

I’ve been blogging for, well, a very long time. This most recent incarnation is to focus on my two big passions. What are they?

A little about this blog

One – Learning Korean. I started learning Korean in June 2021. It started so innocently. I had begun listening to K-Pop earlier in the year and I got curious (궁금) about what this word meant or what that phrase meant. I really never intended to actually study the language and yet here we are. I am so in love with the Korean language as a whole. It’s challenging but it’s a great exercise for my brain and I have no intentions of stopping any time soon. My blog has a strong focus on my language learning, however while some of it will be Korean-specific – such as my list of resources on where you can start learning Korean for free – some of it will also be study tips. These tips will be beneficial to you whether you are learning Korean, learning a different language, or studying a non-language topic.

Two – Allowing yourself to indulge in joy. Often people can be very critical of the hobbies or interests others have. They may not understand why you love a certain type of movie or book, or why invest time (or money, or both!) into a passion. It can be deflating to share something that you enjoy only to feel like others are crapping all over it. I really refuse to let anyone make me feel bad for having a passion or finding an activity fun. I hope I can help you embrace your hobbies and interests as well.

A little about me, personally

I’m Canadian. I spent the majority of my life in Montreal until my family and I moved to Halifax in 2011. Many people know of Montreal but not everyone has heard the name Halifax. It’s a smaller city located on the Atlantic coast of Canada. We get more rain than I’d like and our winters have a fondness for freezing rain and ice pellets which I do not enjoy. Still, it’s a beautiful place and I’m a 10-15 minute drive from the ocean so I can’t complain too much.

I’m married to a talented musician and have two daughters who have grown up in the blink of an eye. We also have – as of February 2022 – one dog named Mudfunk and one rabbit named May (short for Mayonnaise). May is probably a mix of something and English spot. Mudfunk is a Formosan Mountain Dog from Taiwan mixed with (probably) some sort of hound. If my 16-year-old has any say, we will probably have some sort of reptile at some point.

Above, I mentioned allowing yourself to enjoy the things that make you happy. Here are some of mine, in no particular order:

  • Studying Korean
  • Watching movies with my family
  • Listening to K-Pop (my faves are Taemin, Stray Kids, SHINee, EXO, BTS, Itzy, Girls Generation, Chung Ha)
  • Watching K-Dramas
  • Watching and reading horror
  • Reading dystopian novels, preferably YA – but for obvious reasons I have lost all interest in reading dystopian stories that begin with some sort of pandemic because good lord we have enough of that in real life
  • Learning dance choreography to K-Pop songs, usually just the chorus, even though I’m not a great dancer
  • Writing YA stories
  • Walking Mudfunk
  • Watching vlogs on YouTube
  • Listening to Arirang Radio’s show #DailyK – it’s a radio station out of South Korea

Some notes about this site:

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