books that helped my stress and anxiety

5 books that have helped with my stress & anxiety

I’ve done a lot of things over the years to work on managing my anxiety and also the stress levels that create even MORE anxiety. I don’t know about you, but when it comes to anxiety and panic attacks, less is truly more!

I started off by learning to do yoga in my living room back in 2010. In 2012 I added running – something I used to do on the cross country team back in high school. I also worked on meditation in fits and spurts. Right now I am at 207 consecutive days of meditation.

All of these things have helped. I find yoga works great as an overall prevention method, running is perfect for burning off stress (I’ve had some of my most epic runs after a rough day), and meditation is a good way to help keep anxiety at bay while also being a useful tool for dealing with it in the moment.

That being said, there are also some books that I’ve read that have really helped me on my journey as well and I wanted to share some of them with you, in no particular order.

(*Note: Links are affiliate links which means you don’t pay a penny more but Amazon will give me a percentage of your purchase. I also received the book The Fearless Path for review purposes but all opinions are strictly my own. All other books were purchased by me or given to me as gifts. Onward!)

Books that help with my stress and anxiety

Books that have helped me on my anti-anxiety journey:

1. Journey to Joyful – Dashama Konah

Journey to Joyful by Dashama KonahDashama was my very first yoga teacher. I had been toying with the idea of trying out some yoga for a long time partly because of a perpetual ache in my legs and partly because of my constant anxiety levels. One day I couldn’t take any more leg pain and I searched for a simple routine on YouTube. The only term I really knew was “Sun Salutation” so I looked for that and lo and behold, I came across Dashama. I practiced yoga with her online daily for a really long time and even though I don’t practice the physical asana of yoga every day anymore, when I do feel like following a routine I still look her up.

Dashama’s book Journey to Joyful is her very simple and easy to follow breakdown of how to use physical yoga, meditation, diet, movement, and perception to create your own joyful life – whatever that looks like. I’ve read it multiple times and still like to refer to it from time to time. Because yoga helped so much in my personal journey with anxiety, reading Dashama’s expansion on yoga on AND off the mat really struck a chord with me.

The whole book is just as down to earth as she is in her videos.

Grab it right here!

2. The Fearless Path – Leah Guy

The Fearless Path by Leah GuyThis book was sent to me by Leah’s PR representative and I was interested in checking it out to see what it was about. It is a really great and approachable method of using chakras and meditation to help heal trauma, fear, and heartache. I’m lucky enough to not have dealt with much trauma in my life nor have I been heartbroken in a long time, but fear and anxiety go hand in hand so it was a handy read for me.

Admittedly I am already very familiar with chakras due to my years of yoga and meditation practice. I was extremely skeptical the first time I  heard of them – invisible energy channels in the body? Really? Whatever. Except the first time I ever did a chakra meditation I was blown away by the experience. Suffice it to say that I’m a full blown believer in the chakra system.

What’s fantastic about this book is that it was still an interesting insight for me even with my experience, but it’s also written in a way that makes it very easy to understand if you are just wading into the chakra waters for the very first time. (And if you’re a skeptic like I was, pick up a copy, set aside your doubts, and give chakra healing a try. It’s more powerful than you might believe right now!)

Grab it right here!

3. Be Here Now – Ram Dass

Be Here Now by Ram Dass“Be Here Now” is practically the be all, end all of meditation mantras isn’t it? It’s in our nature to stress about things from the past and worry about things that may possibly happen in the future, but at the end of the day we can really only – yes – be here now. Ram Dass wrote about his experiences of transitioning from a Harvard professional to a man experimenting with the transcendental powers of LSD to wandering through India learning from holy men.

I know, I know. Acid. But this isn’t the story of someone getting high and then calling it spiritual. This was a man actually studying the brain and meditation and so much more.

It was a fascinating book to look through and it’s also beautiful. Once you’re done reading the first section that recaps Ram Dass’ life, it turns into a notepad of sorts, printed on brown paper sharing the insights that he learned over time. It’s fascinating, whether to actually take anything away from it in practice or not.

(Please don’t turn to LSD. You can just meditate, I promise.)

Grab it right here!

4. 10% Happier – Dan Harris

10% Happier by Dan HarrisThis story absolutely FASCINATED me. Dan Harris was reading a news segment on a live broadcast in front of millions of people when he had a panic attack, couldn’t continue, and threw it back over to his colleagues who feared he’d had some sort of stroke or other medical emergency.

He became determined to get on top of what he soon learned was anxiety and panic attacks but was extremely skeptical of meditation. However, when nothing else worked for him, he decided to give it a try and to his surprise it began to work. 

This book is possibly the least woo-woo book on meditation that you will ever find. Dan sticks a lot to the science of meditation and explains his experiences as well as how and why they worked. He’s also a pretty funny guy – the description of his time at a silent meditation retreat had me giggling more than once.

It’s perfect for the person who rolls their eyes at spirituality but still wants to get in on the brain-changing powers of meditation.

Grab it right here!

5. You Have Four Minutes to Change Your Life – Rebekah Borucki

You Have Four Minutes to Change Your Life by Rebekah BoruckiIt bears mentioning that Rebekah is someone that I have been following online for many years and who has now become someone I consider a friend. That doesn’t mean this is a biased review though. I came across Rebekah when I started doing her fitness videos on YouTube an eon ago. Over time, she shared less about workouts and more about her spiritual side and my interest in her videos and blog posts grew even more.

Rebekah is the queen of getting your “OM” done in four minutes of time. She’s too busy as a mom of five and an entrepreneur  to sit for hours on a mountain top chanting. Instead she has helped to heal her own anxiety and depression by carving out small spaces of time – yes, even four minutes – to practice meditation.

Her book uses a beautiful combination of personal stories – many of which you have not come across online – and easy-to-apply meditation techniques to cover everything from stress to anxiety to grief. If meditation scares you because you think it’s too complicated, this is the book for you.

Grab it right here!

Those are some that have helped me tremendously. Now it’s your turn!

Please tell me some of your favorite mind-shift books that have helped you to reduce your stress or relieve your anxiety. Hey, even if it’s more of an overall personal development book, I’d love to know too!

Leave me a comment below so I can make sure I’m not missing out of an amazing, life-changing book!

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  1. I’ve been doing a lot of work on the connection between my emotional eating and my stress levels. I will definitely check out some of these books. Thanks

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